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Primary Member, State of Wyoming, Royalty Policy Committee

Andrew “Colin” McKee was named as a primary member of the Department of Interior’s Royalty Policy Committee, and as a member of this committee advises Secretary Zinke “on policy and strategies to improve management of the multi-billion dollar, federal and American Indian mineral revenue program.”

After graduating from Drury University in 2008, Andrew “Colin” McKee worked as a managerial accountant/finance officer at Asia Pacific Assurance Company, a “private security company,” from January to June 2009. Next, from July 2009 to March 2010, he worked in sales at startup company Rohit Handa Design, and then worked as a business development consultant for All-Star Automotive for three months. In July 2010, McKee got a job working on Matt Mead’s gubernatorial campaign, and since January 2011 McKee has been working in the Wyoming Governor’s Office as an energy policy analyst.

Sources: [Department of Interior, Press Release, 09/01/17, and LinkedIn Profile for Andrew Colin McKee, accessed 09/25/17]

Other Information

Colin McKee has said that wind energy is “an incredible component” of “and a great supplement” to Wyoming’s economy.

Colin McKee, in May 2017, said that while wind energy wouldn’t “take the place of coal as a generator of jobs or revenue, [Governor] Mead [saw] its potential to broaden Wyoming’s economic base.” [Joel Funk, “Wind turbine manufacturer to offer job training,” Laramie Boomerang, 05/20/17]

Colin McKee authored a memo detailing Governor Matt Mead’s energy strategy, which included a “CO2 Pipeline Corridor” that provided “an opportunity” for Wyoming “to complete environmental permitting for contiguous corridors across federal lands.”

In 2017, McKee wrote that “Wyoming [was] the first state in the nation to develop a comprehensive energy plan” and that it “paid off.” One policy that was developed as part of the energy strategy was a “CO2 Pipeline Corridor” that provided “an opportunity for the state to complete environmental permitting for contiguous corridors across federal lands.” According to McKee, this pipeline would “allow companies to get pipe in the ground faster, move CO2 for tertiary recovery and extract billions of additional barrels of oil out of Wyoming formations.” [Colin McKee, “Memo on Governor’s Energy Strategy,” Wyoming State Legislature, 2017]