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Counselor to the Solicitor of the Interior

Gary Lawkowski is working as the Counselor to the Solicitor of the Interior, a position in the Immediate Office of the Solicitor. The Counselor to the Solicitor provides various “legal services to different client-representative bureaus and offices within the Department, while reporting to the Deputy Solicitor and the Solicitor… and provide[s] legal counsel and representation to the Secretary, the Assistant Secretaries, and the Bureau Directors.”

Gary Lawkowski has worked for various conservative groups. After graduating from law school at the University of Virginia in 2011, he was a “volunteer associate” at the Republican National Committee. He then went to work for the Federal Election Commission, first as counsel to current White House counsel Don McGahn, and then as counsel to Lee Goodman. Beginning in August 2015, Lawkowski was counsel to the Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, a Koch brothers-backed group. 

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Special Interests

Freedom Partners (Resource Development on Public Lands)

Lawkowski worked for Freedom Partners, an organization in the Koch brothers' network of conservative political and policy groups.

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Background Information

Previous Employers

Republican National Committee

Federal Election Commission

Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce  

Additional Background on Employers of Note:

Starting in August 2015, Gary Lawkowski worked as counsel to the Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce.

The Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce is the “central group in the increasingly powerful network of conservative public policy and political groups helmed by the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch.”

[LinkedIn Profile for Gary Lawkowski, accessed 07/28/17, and Kenneth Vogel, “The Koch ATM,” Politico, 11/17/15]

Other Information

Gary Lawkowski is a member of the Republican National Lawyers Association.

[“Mr. Gary Lawkowski,” Republican National Lawyers Association, accessed 07/27/17]

While working at the federal Election Commission, Gary Lawkowski argued in a legal brief that the ban “on corporate donations to federal political campaigns” was unconstitutional.

[Josh Gerstein, “GOP: Corporate donation ban unconstitutional,” Politico, 01/10/12]

Gary Lawkowski has said that “radical Islam is a global concern” that is “‘dangerous and prevalent.'”

When he was in college at the University of Virginia, Gary Lawkowski was co-president of a group called Students Defending Democracy. While Lawkowski was co-president, Students Defending Democracy hosted a screening of a film called “Obsession — Radical Islam’s War Against the West,” which “compare[d] radical Islam and Nazism, suggesting the current war declared by radical Islam is like the Nazis’ attempt to exterminate the Jews.” Lawkowski said that it was “important for students to be aware that radical Islam is a global concern” and that it was “‘dangerous and prevalent.'”

[Melinda Lim, “A radical discussion,” Cavalier Daily, 10/26/07]