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Alternate Member, Academia and Public Interest Groups, Royalty Policy Committee

Kwame Awuah-Offei is an alternate member of the Department of Interior’s Royalty Policy Committee, and as a member of this committee advises Secretary Zinke “on policy and strategies to improve management of the multi-billion dollar, federal and American Indian mineral revenue program.”

Kwame Awuah-Offei is an academic who has extensive experience working in the mining industry, and specifically working “in surface gold mining and aggregates operations, mine engineering, and in the development of mine plans.” Awuah-Offei holds “a PhD from the University of Missouri Science and Technology, and a BS from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana.” He began his career working as a plant engineer and a mine planning engineer for Granite Construction, Inc., a “civil construction and transportation contractor.” Awuah-Offei is currently a professor of mining engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology, where he has worked since 2007. From 2015 to 2016, he served a stint working as a “Mining Engineering Academic Fellow” with the Securities and Exchange Commission, where he “review[ed] and propos[ed] disclosure standards for mining properties,” and which led to new rules for “mining property disclosures.” While at the SEC, he also “contributed to the final rules for disclosure of payments by resource extraction (oil, gas and mineral) companies.” Awuah-Offei also runs his own consulting company, Sphinx Mining Systems LLC, that “helps clients achieve their business goals by helping publicly traded mining companies provide compliant and meaningful disclosure regarding their mining properties” and “provides decision-making support through the application of modeling, simulation, and optimization to mining systems.” Awuah-Offei also “collaborates as a Senior Consultant in Mining for PEC Consulting,” which “is the consulting arm of PENTA Engineering Corporation, a full-service engineering company.”

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Special Interests

Sphinx Mining Systems LLC (Resource Development on Public Lands)

Awuah-Offei runs Sphinx Mining Systems LLC, a consulting firm that works with publicly traded mining companies.

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PENTA Engineering Corporation (Resource Development on Public Lands)

Awuah-Offei "collaborates" with the consulting arm of PENTA Engineering Corporation, an international firm that provides "consulting and design/build solutions to the cement, lime, industrial minerals, mining, coal, frac sand and fertilizer industries."

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