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Deputy Director of Scheduling and Advance

Leila Getto is serving as the Deputy Director of Scheduling and Advance at the Interior Department.

Leila Getto is a GOP operative and George W. Bush administration veteran with ties to the oil and gas industry. In 1997, Getto began her career working for DCI Group, then called DCI Companies, “a Republican public relations, lobbying and consulting shop.” The following year she worked for Davis Manafort, Paul Manafort’s consulting company. From 1999 through 2000 she worked on two (unsuccessful) Republican campaigns: first she worked as the deputy political director on John McCain’s 2000 presidential campaign, and then as the director of operations for Michigan Senator Spencer Abraham’s re-election campaign. From 2001 to 2009 Getto served in the Bush administration at the Department of Energy as a Senior Advisor. Most recently, from 2009 until June 2017, she was the Senior Director of Fundraising and Member Relations for the Institute for 21st Century Energy, a project of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which aims to “unify energy stakeholders and policymakers… to ensure that America’s supply of fuel and power is adequate, stable, and affordable.”

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Special Interests

U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Resource Development on Public Lands)

Getto was Senior Director, Fundraising and Member Relations for the Institute for 21st Century Energy, which is part of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The institute's purpose is to promote the development of oil and gas.

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Background Information

Previous Employers

DCI Group (then called DCI Companies)

Davis Manafort

John McCain 

Abraham for Senate

U.S. Department of Energy

Institute for 21st Century Energy


Financial Disclosure

[Office of Government Ethics]

Department of the Interior Salary: $130,692

[Leila Getto, ProPublica’s Trump Town, accessed 03/14/18]