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Alternate Member, Navajo Nation, Royalty Policy Committee

Leslie Shakespeare was named as an alternate member of the Department of Interior’s Royalty Policy Committee. Members of the committee advise Secretary Zinke “on policy and strategies to improve management of the multi-billion dollar, federal and American Indian mineral revenue program.”

Leslie Shakespeare graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2002. From December 2003 to January 2011, he worked as the Director of Eastern Shoshone Juvenile Services, and then, from January 2011 to 2014, he worked as a Police Officer at the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Next, he was the “Shoshone tribal liaison to the governor’s office,” a position he held from September 2014 to October 2016. Since October 2016, he has served on the Eastern Shoshone Business Council.

Sources: [Department of Interior, Press Release, 09/01/17, LinkedIn Profile for Leslie Shakespeare, accessed 09/29/17, and “Eastern Shoshone tribe sanctions business council,” Associated Press, 10/28/15]

Special Interests

Wyoming Business Alliance (Resource Development on Public Lands)

Shakespeare is involved with a program created by the WBA, which is run by executives from Devon Energy, Nucor Drilling, Cloud Peak Energy, Chesapeake Energy, Peabody Energy, and Anadarko Petroleum.

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Other Information

Leslie Shakespeare is involved with a Wyoming “leadership program” created by a group founded as “an alternative voice” for “coal industry development,” and now run by oil and gas executives from Devon Energy, Nucor Drilling, Cameco Resources, Cloud Peak Energy, Chesapeake Energy, Peabody Energy, Anadarko Petroleum, True Oil, Jonah Energy, and Wold Oil Properties, Inc.

Wyoming Business Alliance, whose first logo included oil, gas, and mining symbols, was founded “to promote multiple use and serve as an alternative voice” for “coal industry development.” [“Leadership Wyoming Alumni by Region,” Leadership Wyoming, accessed 10/16/17, “Origin,” Leadership Wyoming, accessed 10/16/17, “Steering Committee,” Wyoming Business Alliance, accessed 10/16/17, and “Wyoming Business Alliance/Wyoming Heritage Foundation Timeline,” Wyoming Business Alliance, accessed 10/16/17]

In October 2016, Leadership Wyoming took Leslie Shakespeare on a tour of the Eagle Butte Coal Mine. [“AGENDA NATURAL RESOURCES AND THE ENVIRONMENT,” Leadership Wyoming, accessed 10/16/17]