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Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management

William “Billy” Dove was announced as a Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Land and Minerals Management in November 2017.

Billy Dove, a “native Montanan whose family has a background in law enforcement and ranching,” does not appear to have experience working on issues that fall within the purview of the Interior Department. After graduating from Montana State University, Dove joined the National Guard, and “was deployed in the Middle East with the 29th Infantry Division.” In 2015 and 2016, Dove worked for then-Rep. Ryan Zinke.

Sources: [Department of the Interior, Press Release, 11/09/17, and Legistorm profile for Billy Dove, accessed 11/14/17]


Financial Disclosure

[Office of Government Ethics]

Department of the Interior Salary: $66,510

[William Dove, ProPublica’s Trump Town, 03/14/18]

Other Information

In a student government election at Montana State, Billy Dove wrote about his love for “three things in this world; Freedom, Ladies, and Student Government.”

[“Fall 2013 Candidates,” Montana State University, 2013]